July 26, 2017
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WDFW Plans to take Lethal Action to change Wolf Pack's Behavior
Olympia State wildlife managers plan to remove members of a wolf pack that has repeatedly preyed on livestock in Stevens County since 2015.
Jim Unsworth, director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) authorized his staff to take lethal action against the Smackout wolf pack, based on four occasions where wolves preyed on livestock since last Sept.
Unsworth said that action, set to begin this week, is consistent with Washington's Wolf Management Plan of 2011, which authorizes WDFW to take lethal measures to address repeated attacks on livestock.
Pullman - A force of nature has taken the sting out of the region's wasp population.
"The number of yellow jackets is really down from what we normally see this time of summer -- really down," said Washington State University entomologist Richard Zack.
Wasps are typically a common sight - and nuisance - around gardens, picnics...
Something's Missing - Where Are All the Wasps?