September 20, 2017
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Prosser, WA 99350
Representative Terry Nealy
Prosser City Council
Prosser City Council
Prosser City Council
When Barbara Johnston realized she was going blind, it changed everything. She could not read the numbers on her prescription, nor could she tell which medications needed refilling, including her blood pressure medication. She also realized her vision problems, the result of macular degeneration, were getting worse. I was thankful to hear from Yakima Neighborhood Health Services how they were able to connect her with a care coordinator where she received help for her vision problems and assistance with managing her blood pressure to prevent stroke.
The Prosser City Council met September 12 to consider a number of agenda items important to city business. This week's brief meeting opened with Council comments in which Councilman Morgan Everett congratulated the City on its successful States Day celebration and invited the Council and Mayor to attend the Great Prosser Balloon Rally on September 22 through the 24.
A Student's Perspective
By Casilda Redman
When someone mentions "high school," where does your mind wander? Does it go to the good times at the football games and cross country meets? Does it venture to the band and choir concerts that, no matter what, seemed like the best thing?
Different people will think of different things when it comes to high school, but which is more important? The times where the body is stretched to its limits, or the moments when the mind's abilities are put to the test?
This is new to the Record-Bulletin. We are trying out A Student's Perspective.  It is an opportunity for high school aged students to present ideas to the community in their voice.  We are providing the paper as a venue to express these ideas, thoughts and opinions. We welcome submissions of approximately 300-500 words from high school aged students, enrolled in Prosser High School and residents of Prosser. Please send submissions to These are printed as space allows and per the editor's approval.