August 16, 2017
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Representative Terry Nealy
Prosser City Council
Prosser City Council
Prosser City Council met in their regular council meeting Aug. 8th and discussed a presentation by Darrick Dietrich of Basin Disposal, Inc., (BDI) regarding BDI's proposed recycling program. Dietrich reported that currently, 'contents of our garbage carts go to the landfill and consists of garbage, green yard waste and recyclable materials but with curbside recycling garbage the green yard waste would go to a landfill and the recyclable to a mixed recycling facility.
Prosser City Council
Letter to the Editor
Noise Pollution
To the editor:
We live in an age where technology accommodates nearly every carnal desire. One of the benefits is that we can listen to our own style of music in a public setting without offending those around us. So why is it that there are some who still think that everyone wants to hear their music in every public restroom and while pumping our gas?
Richland - Helping a loved one relocate or clearing the estate after someone has passed can be extremely emotional and challenging; but thanks to a new business in the area, no one has to do it alone. Local resident Kathy Corliss is pleased to announce the launch of her new business, Caring Transitions of Greater Tri-Cities.Caring Transitions' specially trained team can handle organizing, packing, de-cluttering, moving, resettling, in-person and online estate sales, liquidations, and preparing homes for market.
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