October 18, 2017
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Prosser City Council
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Susan Reams for PMH District 1 Commissioner
Dear Editor;
My hat goes off to both candidates and the constituents are lucky to have two that are qualified for the position of PMH District 1 Commissioner.  However, Susan Reams has several skill sets that I feel gives her the edge. 
Susan started her skill set at an early age, growing up in the jungles of Venezuela, South America where she learned her second language of Spanish.  Due to her high intelligence, she started college at the age of sixteen and graduated with her first bachelor degree at the age of 20.   Commissioner Susan Reams moved back to the states at the age of 23 and now has over four decades in the field of health care services along with two bachelor degrees (Administration and Sociology).  Diversity is paramount in any organization and no different with this entity. Commissioner Reams is the Chair of the Joint Venture Committee under the direction of Director Tom Nash consisting of the hospital quality compliance and the providers update. 
The hospital is growing and has two unions consisting of 270 employees.   Mrs. Reams has not only built relationships with OSHA, WISHA and L&I, but is the only commissioner with Human Resource/Safety, Compliance and Quality Management experience.  To emphasize her skill sets, she has helped teach HR at WSU and has never lost a labor lawsuit.    In addition, she has been the commissioner for the past three years working hard learning and assisting the team to approve and manage the $100,000,000 budget that provides us, the people, excellent health care.  
Please join me Shon Small and vote for Susan Reams to retain her for PMH District 1 Commissioner. 

Shon Small, Benton County Commissioner

Relevant Experience Matters
Dear Editor;
Susan Reams may not be widely known in the community, but she possesses exactly the background and experience that is needed by a member of the Board of Commissioners for Prosser Memorial Hospital.  The obvious is that she has already served three years in that position.  Less obvious is the fact that both her formal education and work experience are in areas of particular relevance to that position. She has bachelor's degrees in both Business Administration and Sociology.  For 23 years she served as the Senior Vice-President (Human Recourses and Environment) for the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.  Her responsibilities included compliance with government regulations, human resources management, workers compensation, benefits administration, union negotiations, and policy development and application.  These are all activities of concern to the PMH Board for the efficient operation of the hospital and clinics.  She also is a trainer in Sigma Six, the management plan used by the hospital.
I am writing this letter because Susan is too modest to "blow her own horn". She had a long and positive relationship with PMH during the terminal phases of her brother's, her mother's and her husband's lives.  She is passionate about the hospital and the Prosser community (volunteering also with the Boys and Girls Club and Hospice). 
As a member of the public (and past Board member), I attend many of the Board meetings.  I have seen Susan at work.  She impresses me as being both thoughtful and willing to ask the tough questions when needed.  She is a compassionate leader.  I strongly endorse Susan Reams for the position of PMH Board of Commissioner.

Dorothy Walton-Luglan, Prosser

Maricela Sanchez for the Prosser School Board
Dear Editor;
I would like to express my wholehearted endorsement of Maricela Sanchez for the Prosser School Board, Director District 4.  She is a native to this area, born and raised here, and attended Prosser schools, graduating from Prosser High School.  She is a physician, an Anesthesiologist at Kadlec.  She is committed to this community, and to the education of our children.
I have interacted with Maricela at School Board meetings, and discussed important issues affecting our schools.  She is a great communicator, listens well, and understands the importance of researching an issue, having a dialogue regarding that issue, hearing all sides, then deciding, and acting upon that decision.
My vote will be for Maricela.  Please consider voting for her also.
Thank you,
Sharon Dietrich Potter, M.D.
Prosser City Council
The regular City Council meeting, Oct. 10, kicked off with Mid-Columbia Library Quarterly Report (Katy McLaughlin, Prosser Branch Manager). McLaughlin reported that July, August and September were busy with the Summer Reading Challenge wrap-up and the shift to the school year, including reconnecting with district staff and new hires, increased crowd control management, and connecting teen computer volunteer helpers with those needing computer help. The MCL Reads program kicks off in October and other library programs are in the planning stages.