January 17, 2018
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Rep. Terry Nealey
Letters to the Editor
Prosser City Council
Letters to the Editor

Prosser School District (PSD)

Dear Editor,

Please publish this letter of support for the Prosser School District (PSD) upcoming funding levy.
The maintenance School levy needs to be passed so to continue the numerous educational, safety and maintenance programs in our school district. Our children deserve the continuation and expansion of the excellence of our current programs at our K-12 school levels.  The community stepped forward and passed the upgrade of our K-8 schools and the building of a needed new High School. Thank you for taking on this responsibility to support our children and the future growth of our community.
Now we need to support the funding of the many programs which define our school system as a quality program. This levy is separate from the brick and mortar levy passed in the recent past. This current levy is what supplements the everyday funding needs for our various programs, which make us a high-quality education system.
There is an excellent information video circulating on Social Media about the excellent Prosser School System programs that this levy will support and continue. We hope you can view this video and learn the facts.
Please join Sue and I in voting YES for this levy on Feb. 13th. Thank you and please vote!

Jack & Sue Schroeder

What is Best for Community
To Prosser Community;

Recently I learned of a lawsuit filed by the Prosser Memorial Hospital (PMH) Medical Center against Northwest Community Foundation (NWCF), (formerly Prosser Memorial Hospital Foundation) over control of endowment funds dedicated to the hospital's use.
As I talked with concerned citizens, it became apparent that this issue threatens to divide the local community unnecessarily.  I strongly encourage both parties to get together and talk out an amicable settlement. 
Both organizations are vital to the community. The Prosser hospital safeguards our physical and medical needs, while the community foundation supports civic and social activities.  We are all better off because of these complimentary activities
Lawsuits are rarely the answer to disagreements; the only people who truly "win" are the lawyers involved.  The Prosser hospital is a public taxing district, which means taxpayer dollars are going for legal fees and not intended medical uses.  The same is true of foundation funds, which can and should be helping local entities. 
It is time to do what is truly best for the community.  NWCF has offered to turn over the hospital-designated endowments to the control of PMH's new foundation. I hope the Hospital Commissioners will accept this offer at their Jan. 25 meeting, so we can all move forward to a more productive future.

Bill Jenkin
State Representative
16th Legislative District

Prosser City Council
By Chuck Walker
Prosser City Clerk, Rachel Shaw conducted the swearing in of newly elected City Council members Don Aubrey, Morgan Everett, Rob Siemens and Stephanie Groom. The City operates under a Mayor-Council form of government with seven elected Council Members serving 4-year terms. "It is with great pride that I represent the citizens of the City of Prosser", said Siemens. Councilman Morgan Everett was elected by City Council to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem, to serve as Mayor when the Mayor is unavailable to fulfill his duties.