August 16, 2017
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Many melons originated in the Middle East and gradually spread its popularity across Europe. Melon seeds were then transported to the U.S. by Columbus and eventually were cultivated by Spanish explorers in California. Did you know that melons are in the same gourd family as squashes and cucumbers? Most melons have similar structure to winter squash with thick flesh and inner seed-filled midsection.
Kennewick - The REACH still has openings for you to join geologist/hydrogeologist, George Last, on a half-day bus and hike tour exploring the geology beneath the Tri-cities.  The tour includes exposures of the massive Columbia River Basalts and their structural deformation, ancestral Yakima River deposits, and Ice Age Flood deposits. 
Good Vibes and Calm Cows Give Quality Milk article that ran in the July 26 edition of the Record-Bulletin listed J&R Dairy in Sunnyside and it should have been J&K Dairy who provide milk for Darigold.